Botanical jewellery workshop

IMG_8717When it comes to wearing jewellery, I’m I bit obsessed with all things outrageously bright and bold. From oversized necklaces to vibrant gemstone rings, I love wearing jewellery that stands out and captures your attention.

So when I heard that Electric Daisy Flower Farm were running a botanical jewellery workshop at The Makery over the Christmas holidays, I was rather intrigued! My boyfriend and I have an allotment and I love taking photos of plants (check out #savvygardener) so this seemed like a perfect combo.

IMG_8688IMG_8664IMG_8677Upon entering the workshop room, I was overwhelmed by the smell of gorgeous freshly cut foliage and flowers. The selection of materials brought in by artist and flower farmer Fiona Haser Bizony were really stunning.

She encouraged us to think about different textures and colour palettes, and after arranging my selection of leaves and berries (quite a number of times) I stuck it to my ring back with a glue gun. So quick and easy. “Why didn’t I think of this?” I found myself squealing. Ta-da! What do you think?

IMG_8682IMG_8693IMG_8718The ring lasted almost a whole week, which was very impressive. It naturally dried out over the first few days, but that only added to its charm and character. Have you ever made anything out of foliage?

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