By Hand London – Charlie Dress

IMG_9231It seems strange to admit this, but it’s only been a year since I put together my first garment. I’d appily sewn the odd cushion in previous years (basically anything with straight edges), but it was this By Hand London Anna Dress which gave me the confidence to start sewing full garments.

So now, one year later, I’m super-excited to announce that BHL have launched a brand new dress pattern and Simply Sewing got first dibs on featuring the pattern. Woohoo!

What’s best, they’ve named it the Charlie Dress.

IMG_9237IMG_9226IMG_9208IMG_9172It’s a pretty straightforward make, so even if you’re relatively new to sewing, just take it slowly and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The only part I found particularly challenging was creating the circle skirt template. I don’t have a big table at home, so I had to sellotape pieces of wrapping paper together on the carpet and measure it out with a pencil on a piece of string (with my boyfriend holding the other end!). BHL have a handy circle skirt calculator app on their site, which you might find helpful if it’s your first time.

For the next few months you’ll be able to get hold of the Charlie Dress pattern for FREE with Simply Sewing issue 12, which you can buy online here: you making it? Share your pics using #charliedress – I can’t wait to see.

SS12 cover

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