Sometimes it pays to look down.

yay afterXanthe Berkley first introduced me to the concept of a photo walk at Blogtacular 2014. She really is the queen of adventure-capturing and from the moment she handed me a balloon I was hooked. Natually.

Photo walks really get you thinking about using your eyes more. It reminds you to look up, look down and look ahead. I was a little astonished at all the beautiful little details in life I was missing because I was constantly walking around with my eyes fixed on my iPhone calendar, worrying about minor details of my day ahead. Well, scrap that. I want to see the world in full colour, from every angle.

Ahh, that’s better.

stitching in the sun

cafelegsbottlemollie selfiehelena stitching

IMG_5348awards meThese photos were taken on the little adventure I had at the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards. Such a gloriously sunny day and rather poetic as the team presented me with my very own Mollie cover as a leaving present. Certainly not one for the downstairs loo, this one’s hung in pride-of-place and always will be.

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