Growing succulents & cacti

There’s something beautiful about succulents (and cacti) that completely amazes me. I don’t know if it’s the plumpness of their leaves, the blush shades or just the fact they don’t need huge amounts of looking after, but I do know – they’re lovely,¬†unpretentiously tranquil plants

They don’t need huge amounts of attention, but there are a few things I’ve learnt about keeping suculents that might help if you’re about to start out. Don’t over-water – you can normally tell if you’ve done this when the leaves puff out and fall off. Only pot in containers that have drainage (or get good a drilling holes in the bottoms of things!), or the soil won’t be able to dry itself out properly. I believe the soil should feel like a flannel thar’s been mostly squeezed out. Most succulents like a good source of natural light so don’t place in dark corners. Most of all – just keep an eye on them but don’t be tempted to tamper with them too much. They really are very good at looking after themselves.

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I’m not an *amazing* gardener (I need to let my other half get all the praise for that one), but I love nothing more than getting my hands dirty on a Sunday afternoon. Or any afternoon for that matter. Just growing anything pleases me, even if it’s just herbs. What do you grow?

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