How to: fabric covered Mod Podge drawers

fabric drawersWhen I first discovered Mod Podge, I knew that my old school desk would be the first item of furniture I’d have to transform. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good dark wood and metal handle combo, but it just looked so dark and gloomy in our spare room. It needed a little splash of colour to keep me inspired when I’m working from home on magazine commissions or personal projects. Want to have a go?

It’s so simple, you’d be a fool to give this a go at some point. But just in case you need some visual guidance on your Mod Podge journey, here’s some quick snaps and tips to get you started.

Steps 1 2 3 41. First you’ll need to gather together enough scraps of fabric to cover your drawers. I just used standard printed cotton in similar shades.
2. Remove the handles from the drawers and clean the front surface with soapy water. Make sure this is completely dry before you begin.
3. Cut pieces of fabric approx 3″ larger (all the way around) than your drawer  front. You’ll need enough to wrap over the edges.
4. Cover the front surface – and top/bottom edges – of the drawer in an even layer of Mod Podge using a paint brush. Place your fabric on top and smooth in place using your brush to get rid of any air pockets or lumps.

Steps 5 6 7 85. Make sure the front of the drawer has been smoothed out as neatly as possible and apply a coat of Mod Podge on top of the fabric.
6. Trim the edges of the drawers so you have approx 1″ ‘hangover’ to fold and secure. Again, brush over another layer of Mod podge.
7. Carefully cut around the handle area with small scissors so that you can fold the fabric neatly inside. Test with your handle as you go.
8. Push the handle back in place, making sure you don’t catch and drag and fabric as you go. Screw in place and leave to dry overnight.

Now my old 80s desk doesn’t look like a depressing headmaster’s office anymore. Pheweeee.
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